GPD: Thief Targeted People Leaving Bank, Smashed Car Windows, Stole Valuables

Greenwich Police are investigating two incidents that took place Wednesday in which people who had visited a local bank were then targeted afterward by a thief or thieves.

According to Captain Mark Zuccerella, the victims were followed from the bank, and after they left their cars with valuables locked inside the thief smashed the car window and stole valuables.

Tesla with smashed window in Whole Foods parking lot on East Putnam Ave. June 8, 2022. Contributed photo

In the case of a victim who parked his Tesla at Whole Foods, the thief smashed the window and took an envelope of cash.

In that incident, there were witnesses who saw the individual smash the window and take the package. Zuccerella said there are leads the police are investigating.

The second incident involved a car on Strickland by Fairfield Pizza where a thief smashed the window and stole valuables that were visible in the locked car.

“We feel the suspect may have targeted these people and watched them leave either a bank or a store,” Zuccerella said. “And when (the victims) walk away, the suspect smashed the window.”

Zuccerella urged residents not to leave valuables in their cars, even if the vehicles are locked.

“Don’t leave things in plain site,” he said. “If you leave valuables out in the open, they’re going to take it.”