Vincent Ferraro

Vincent Ferraro, Twirling at Glenville Pizza Since 1976

Vincent Ferraro honed his twirling act at Luigi’s in Harrison. He was just 13, and that was his first pizza making job, but certainly not his first job experience. He’d had newspaper routes and even sold watermelons off the back of an open truck. “I became quite the ham,” he said of his twirling routine, which he has done for decades at Glenville Pizza. Though he does credit I Love Lucy for popularizing pizza twirling in the 70s, nobody does it quite like Vincent!

Dispatch from New Hampshire: Lisa Wexler on Last Day before Primary Election

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 9.03.46 AM

“I’m at a political rock concert. Crowd a bit scruffy, angry, passionate. The Donald intros his beautiful family, then takes the stage for an hour. Rhetoric in a million directions, constantly interrupts himself with random thoughts and comments, mostly about the nuances and his grievances about the campaign itself. Uses the word “pussy” for mere shock value; the man is a born entertainer…” – Lisa Wexler, radio personality reporting from New Hampshire Continue Reading →

Little Pub’s “Moroccan Picadillo” Chili Wins Big at MacChilifest in Westport

Morrocan chili from Little Pub

Little Pub won first place in the Creative Chili category at Sunday’s MacChiliFest in Westport, where hundreds of guests slurped and sampled chili and mac ‘n cheese. Winners were determined by popular vote, and the top vote getter was Little Pub’s “Moroccan Picadillo Chili.” According to Little Pub owner Doug Grabe, the dish is not on the menu, but it will be a special this weekend here in Greenwich. Continue Reading →

Chipotle Closed Monday 11-3pm for Company-Wide Food Safety Meeting, Will Reopen at 3pm

customer at Riverside Chipotle on opening day in May 2015 Credit: Katie Lawrie

On Monday Feb 8, both Chipotle locations in Greenwich will close from 11am til 3pm for an all-company food safety meeting being broadcast live to all locations from Denver. Following food poisoning outbreaks in their restaurants last fall, and an outbreak of the norovirus in Boston in Dec 7, the company initiated a new food safety program in January. The program includes paid sick leave for employees so that they’ll stay home if they are sick, DNA-based testing of ingredients before they’re shipped to restaurants, and some changes in food preparation protocols. Continue Reading →