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Neighbors Weigh in on Cos Cob Hub Dumpster Proposal: “It Stinks!”

At the July 19 Planning & Zoning commission meeting, several neighbors turned out to opine on a proposal to relocate dumpsters for Fleishers and Fjord Fisheries to a location more visible from Sinawoy, in the process allowing the back entrances to the stores to become the main entrances.

Off-Beat Players to Perform High School Musical at Arch Street Teen Center Aug 3-6

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Everyone knows summer is not complete without a trip to the Arch Street Teen Center to see the annual summer musical theater performance of Off-Beat Players. And every year, the performances sell out. Order your tickets today. This year the Greenwich based theatre company devoted to teen and young adult performers with wide-ranging abilities and disabilities, is set to perform Disney’s smash hit High School Musical. Continue Reading →

Beware of the Heat, Greenwich

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Connecticut is experiencing dangerous heat and humidity conditions. At times the temperature feels over 100°. Because of this, the Greenwich Department of Health notes that heat-related illnesses are a Public Health threat. All residents, especially persons who are young, elderly, have medical or mental health conditions, use medications that impede body temperature regulation, those who do not have air conditioning, those whose work requires outdoor activities and people who are socially isolated are encouraged to pay special attention to the weather. Staying healthy during a heat wave is important. Continue Reading →

Greenwich Officials: With No State Laws on Drones, It’s the Wild West

Credit: Kai Sherwin

“The advance of technology has outpaced rules, regulations, and legislation to clearly delineate boundaries of operation that safeguard not only our physical safety but our privacy as well.” – Lieutenant Kraig Gray of the Greenwich Police Dept on drones. But don’t shoot one down. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) declared that it is a federal crime to damage any aircraft. Continue Reading →