How Can I Donate or Recycle Salvageable Cabinetry and Fixtures from My Renovation?

By Scott Simonsen, Owner, Old World Craftsmen, Greenwich

About to embark on a renovation project, and wondering what to do with the stuff you are removing? The cabinetry, doors, windows and fixtures are not your taste but still in good condition? This is a common question we get from environmentally conscious clients and those who hate to see waste.

We did some research years ago, and ever since, we’ve been donating salvageable items from our renovations in Greenwich and Westchester County to CET’s reuse store-Eco Building Bargains. 

They are a not-for-profit organization based in Massachusetts – their mission is to prevent useful items from entering the waste stream, and making renovations affordable and accessible to those who might not afford to buy new.

The Re-use store, EcoBuilding Bargains is located in Springfield, Massachusetts. They regularly do donation pickups for us (and you) in both Westchester and Fairfield counties. 1) What do they accept?

• Kitchen cabinetry in acceptable condition (not rotten or moldy)

• Exterior Doors (with the frame and threshold)

• Double pane windows and stained glass windows

• Appliances less than 10 years old

 • Some high end modern or vintage furniture pieces

 • Light fixtures

 • Interior doors other than flush hollow core

2) Why donate?

• Tax Deduction: CET will send you a donation receipt for your tax deductible donation, so your donation saves you tax money.

• No disposal: Recycling the products means you don’t have to pay to dispose of them

• Convenient: They reliably pick up at a pre-coordinated day. Donation pickups are usually scheduled 2 weeks in advance.

• Green: It feels good to know that you are not throwing away serviceable and desirable items you don’t need. Instead of them piling in a landfill, they’ll go to someone who can use them and might not be able to afford them new.

3) How to donate: Contact Freya Bromwich, Material Recovery and Donations Consultant at 718-635-1312 and by email to [email protected]

They’ll likely want you to send photos of your prospective donation to set up a pickup.

For large quantity donations, Freya can do an in person free site visit to review your potential donation.    

Scott Simonsen is a graduate of Cooper Union’s select Electrical Engineering program. He spent three years in communications and consumer electronic design before identifying his true passion—construction and home remodeling. With experience gained working for a prestigious Westchester County general contractor, Scott launched his full-service residential remodeling firm, Old World Craftsmen LLC, in 1998. With his Cooper Union background, Scott brings to his projects a unique combination of conceptualization and design skills and engineering problem solving and attention to detail—a rare combination in construction today. With extensive knowledge of the latest construction materials, Scott takes pride in applying modern construction techniques with the old-fashioned care and craftsmanship that has been the foundation of Old World Craftsmen.

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