John Knapp House

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UPDATE: Owners of Historic Estate at 500 Lake Ave on Wetlands Agency Nov 21 Agenda for 3 Lot Subdivision

500 Lake Ave is posted for demolition. Back in September the property was purchased by Foster Lake LLC, which is registered to Foster Kaali-Nagi, and 500 Lake, LLC, which is registered to Alex Kaali-Nagy, who previously demolished The John Knapp House to build anew. See before and after photos. Continue Reading →

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Ouch! A Big Bite out of John Knapp House

On Monday June 1, the imminent demolition of the house at 5 Brynwood, aka 272 Round Hill Road or “The John Knapp House,” was confirmed by architect, Alex Kaali-Nagy,who bought the house on May 28 for $3,250,000 with his wife Karen. Mr. Kaali-Nagy said that the demolition the house that dates back to 1760 would begin on Tuesday, but nothing happened that day. But, on Thursday afternoon, as children headed home from school, drivers on Round Hill Road did a double-take. Something was out of kilter in the streetscape. The John Knapp House demolition had begun. Continue Reading →

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Demolition Reprieve for John Knapp House, circa 1760

Greenwich Building Official took a ride up to the John Knapp House at 5 Brynwood Lane, also known as 272 Round Hill Road, and spotted no “DEMOLITION” sign posted. Since applicants seeking to demolish a building are required to post a sign “conspicuously” and leave it as such until the wrecking ball arrives, Marr plans to inform the applicants their 45 day waiting period will be reinstated. If there are objections, the delay will be 90 days. Continue Reading →

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