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Armstrong Court Renovation: Will 84 New Bedrooms Worsen Ham Ave School Racial Imbalance?

The following document was submitted from CCofGwch.org to the Greenwich Town Clerk on Friday for inclusion in the RTM packet for the June 8 full RTM and June 1 Land Use. Explanos to RTM for Municipal Improvement for Armstrong Court 5/15/2015

Eight neighbors of Armstrong Court have exercised their rights under the Town Charter to refer the proposed makeover of Armstrong Court to the full RTM on June 8. This right uses the RTM to be the taxpayer’s final source of protection against ill-conceived projects. This action is not an appeal of MI approvals by the Selectmen and other Town Agencies. This is an entirely new and original question before the RTM of issues facing the Town that will result from the concentration of 84 new bedroom at this site. Continue Reading →

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State, Local Dept of Health to Meet with HATG to Discuss Lead Remediation at Armstrong Court

Members of the public was not allowed to speak at Wednesday night’s Housing Authority meeting. Though local environmental activist Dawn Fortunato’s questions about remediation of defective lead paint at Armstrong Court were unanswered, the Housing Authority is scheduled to meet in person on May 7 with Michael Long, Environmental Director for Greenwich Dept. of Health and representatives form the State Department of Health. Continue Reading →

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Fortunato: Housing Authority’s Failure to Disclose Lead Paint to Tenants Could Mean 6-Figure Penalties

Booth Court neighbor contends that laws requiring disclosure of lead paint are very strict, and penalties for noncompliance are steep. “According to EPA and HUD, since each Disclosure Rule requirement is a distinct obligation, failure to comply with any requirement constitutes a violation. Currently, Disclosure Rule violations are punishable up to $11,000 per violation.” Continue Reading →

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Finkbeiner: FOI Unearths Suppressed Housing Authority Tests

“Housing Authority suppressed its unfavorable findings from its own consultants, Fuss & O’Neill EnviroScience, LLC in April 2014. It hired a New Jersey firm not licensed as Environmental Professionals in Connecticut, and they mis-represented the CT standards, so the bad test results were not revealed. Mr. Tesei is very correct, however, that there is lots of mis-information.” – Mike Finkbeiner, a graduate of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies Continue Reading →

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P&Z’s Heller on Armstrong Ct and Soil Concerns: “Next step is to have a full blown hearing on the subject”

At Tuesday’s P&Z meeting, the HATG was represented by Chris Bristol who requested an extension on the MI for Armstrong Court renovations and construction. Mr. Finkbeiner made a presentation based on historic maps and research, calling into question the possibility the soil tests commissioned by HATG on Armstrong Court property. Referring to a pond on Armstrong Court that appears on a town map dated 1958, that has since been filled in, “If there are dangerous levels of contamination in this pit, and there is a surge of groundwater in the spring season, there is the possibility of human exposure,” Mr. Finkbeiner said. Continue Reading →

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