P&Z Watch: Nursery School Proposed for 24 Children Age 3 and 4 at Banksville Community House

On Tuesday the P&Z commission heard an application from the The Banksville Community House Board who want to open a nursery school, aka “Kidz Korner,” at 12 Banksville Rd.

The Banksville Community House is located on a 4-acre parcel on the south side of Banksville Road in the R-20 residential zone. There are 25 parking spaces.

Representing the board was Toni Natale, who previously was director of St Paul’s Day School at the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Riverside for 30 years.

Natale said the idea was to reopen a nursery school that had been closed in 2012 and “relocated” to St. Barnabas Church at 954 Lake Ave. Before it closed it enrolled 28 children.

She said that today the state requires an increased amount of of square footage per child, which will limit the nursery school to 24 children.

Ms Alban, the P&Z chair, said the nursery school would be considered a new one.

There are no interior or exterior changes planned for the space, but the nursery school would like to erect a temporary dividing wall to separate 3 year olds from 4 year olds.

The board of the Banksville Community House seeks to reopen their nursery school at 15 Banksville Rd for children age 3 and 4.

She said there would be staggered drop off times at 15 minute intervals so that parents could park and either bring their children to the door or into school. She said the same thing would happen at pick up.

Children ages 3-4 would attend from 9:15am to 2:15pm. Teachers will arrive between 8:30am and 8:45am and leave by 2:30pm. The nursery school calendar would follow the Greenwich Schools calendar with some minor exceptions: Opening day will be approximately one week later, earlier holiday dismissal and earlier end of year closing.

The commission said the applicant would need to stripe the parking lot and designate areas for pick up and drop off. “Lay it out so there is never a moving car coming near the kids,” Alban said.

Alban noted that the Sewer Permit was based on the sewer system being approved for 32 persons per day.

“You’re going to have 29 people there per day,” Alban said. “You pushing up on top of your sewer limitations.

Alban noted if the school added staff, they would exceed state limitations. “If at any point you increase the number of teachers, we would ask that you come back,” she said.

Ms Natale noted the children were little people.

“They still flush the toilet just as much,” Alban said. “The toilet flushes the same gallonage and the hand wash is the same gallonage, and in fact it could be more, because little people often need to wash their hands. I said sewer, but I meant septic. Even though they’re little people, the flush would be the same.”

While Ms Alban noted the commission might condition approval on the number of children the nursery school would have.

Natale said representatives from the State would come down and need to sign off on everything including the outdoor play area.

The commission said they would require a current site plan as a condition of approval prior to permit.

No members of the public spoke. The commission voted to close the application.