PTAC 2024 Essence Award Winner is Dina Urso; Lifetime Essence Winner is Frances Wu Nobay

The PTA Council Essence Awards ceremony took place on Wednesday. The 2024 Essence Award Winner is Dina Urso. The 2024 Lifetime Essence Winner is Frances Wu Nobay.

Frances Wu Nobay, Dr. Toni Jones and Dina Urso. Contributed photo

The 2024 Nominees were:
•Peter Bernstein
•Tom Casazzone
•Karen Hirsh
•Aimee Muth
•Heeyoon Slater
•Lisa Sylvester
•Dina Urso
•Frances Wu Nobay

The 2024 Nominees  with Dr. Toni Jones. Contributed photo

Nominee Tom Casazzone and his wife, children and friends. Contributed photo

The Essence Award was created in 2011 to pay homage to the GPS volunteers who contribute their time and expertise in support of Greenwich Public Schools. The qualifications for this award include selflessness, ongoing involvement, being a willing team member, a motivator. This person significantly improves the school community and is a representative of PTA values of collaboration, commitment, respect and integrity. 

In 2017 the Lifetime Essence Award was created to honor consistently active and longstanding PTA volunteers.