Greenwich High School to Close through Friday Due to Sharp Rise in Covid Cases

On Tuesday night, Dr. Toni Jones, Greenwich Schools Superintendent emailed families to say that in collaboration with the district’s health advisors, “The difficult decision has been made for Greenwich High School to start the December Recess tomorrow (Wednesday) due to a sharp rise in Covid-positive cases, as well as a shortage of non-teaching staff, including custodians.”

Jones said that since Monday the district as reported 114 cases, many of those from Greenwich High School students and staff.

Dr. Toni Jones at North Mianus School in Monday, Dec 20 as students reunited following much of the school’s enrollment having relocated to Trinity Catholic’s former campus in Stamford since September. Photo: Leslie Yager

“We are sending this to the full district so that all families are aware that this issue is only impacting Greenwich High School as of this evening,” she said, adding that grade schools and middle schools were set to open through Friday as planned.

However, she said the district would continue to monitor all other buildings.

“We do not take this decision lightly, as we know how important it is for families who rely on our schools to be open,” she wrote.

Jones noted that the district does not have a remote learning option this year, per legislative action taken last year.

“There were numerous attempts made over the past two days to gain permission from the Connecticut State Department of Education or Governor to allow us the decision-making power to be remote so that the days would count instructionally if needed,” she added. “However, as of this evening, nothing has been granted.”

The two days missed for GHS will be made up at the end of the calendar school year unless some sort of action is taken at the state level.

GHS will be open Wednesday from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon on Wednesday for any student or staff who would like to grab items they may have left at school expecting to be in attendance the next two days.

All after school activities and practices are canceled for Wednesday and Thursday.