Greenwich Catholic School Students Start New Year with New Mission Statement, Motto and Crest

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 7.11.16 PMWhen students arrived on the Greenwich Catholic School campus for the first day of school last week they were introduced to a new mission statement, school motto, and redesigned crest.
The new statement mission reflects a shared purpose and will serve as a framework for decision-making across the school’s operations.
“A mission statement should be concise and express who we are as a school – what makes us unique – and what our common intention is as a community. Up until now, our mission statement was lengthy and unfocused,” explained the school’s principal, Patrice Kopas.
The process of creating a new school mission took about three months.
Beginning in June, a cross section of the school community, which included teachers, staff, School Advisory Board members, parents, and community members was tasked with answering the questions, “What makes GCS unique?” “Who do we serve?” “What are our desired outcomes for those who we serve?”  From those answers, commonalities were identified and the new mission statement was formed.
The end result:

Greenwich Catholic School provides students with a life-long intellectual and spiritual foundation through a rigorous and innovative curriculum focused on faith, critical thinking, responsibility, and service. 
The mission statement serves as the basis for the new school motto, which reads “Rooted in Faith – Surrounded by Community – Committed to Excellence.” 
“The motto is our promise to each other at GCS. It’s a promise to our students, teachers, and families,” Kopas said. “It’s something that we can all remember and be proud to say.”
The mission and the motto are not the only changes at GCS; the school crest has also been revamped.
“Our goal in creating the new crest was to maintain the iconic and recognizable design that is identifiable as Greenwich Catholic School,” Kopas said.  The major changes to the crest include the upper left quadrant, which previously featured sports icons and now has a lacrosse stick and paintbrush, signifying both sports and the arts. In addition, the school name has been removed from the top of the crest and enlarged.
Kopas went on to say, “As we enter our 47th year at GCS, it’s important that we continually examine our purpose and the needs of today’s students.  Our outward identity reflects our values and unites all of us– teachers, parents, and students – in pride for our school.”

Greenwich Catholic School is a co-educational Roman Catholic day school located on a 38 acre campus at 471 North Street in Greenwich. GCS includes Kindergarten through 8th grade students, as well as a three-year old program called Little Angels and a Pre-Kindergarten program for four-year old children.