GHS: Bringing the Fountains to Fruition

Here is some good news coming out of GHS that will mean much less plastic going into those garbage cans.

Reprinted with permission from Headmaster Chris Winters. This originally appeared in the PTA e-FOCUS.


Contributed, GHS PTA e-FOCUS


By Chris Winters, GHS Headmaster
Perhaps your children  have mentioned the new water fountains at GHS. In a small effort be a little greener and cleaner,we have installed six high tech fountains for students and staff to refill water bottles.The fountains were generously paid for by the PTA, the Environmental Action Club, and donations and installed by our GHS maintenance staff (total cost around $450 each). They sit on top of the existing fountains and use the same plumbing. What is different is (1) the filter (much better tasting water); (2) the ability to fill a

container from above (there’s even an outline of a bottle to guide use); and (3) the counter (the number of plastic bottles NOT purchased and discarded).

Feedback from the students has been overwhelmingly positive.
There’s data to back that up:
in just half a year we have filled 23,166 containers.That’s 23,166 plastic bottles that won’t end up in a landfill and didn’t cost our students a penny. We have three more fountains to install (science wing, athletic/gym area, and Cantor House). Please encourage your children to bring a thermos to school (or buy a Cardinal thermos here) and fill it up.