Petition Started to Support Greenwich High School Band Teacher

Though no details of GHS Band Teacher John Yoon’s paid administrative leave have been released, students and GHS alumni are maintaining active discussion within a Facebook group entitled “Bring Back Mr. John Yoon 2015.”

Students, past and present, are talking about Yoon’s teaching style. And though there are some comments describing the band teacher as too demanding, most comments are glowing testimonials.

There is also petition circulating. The online petition, entitled Retract Mr. John Yoon’s Administrative Leave, initiated by Elise Perry of Old Greenwich. In two days the petition has garnered 173 signatures out of a goal of 200.

The text of the petition reads:

Since 4/27/15, Mr. John Yoon, a band director at Greenwich High School, has been on “paid administrative leave”. Though the details have not been disclosed, from what we know about the situation, we believe that Mr. Yoon does not deserve the punishment that was given. Driven and determined, Mr. Yoon has given his all into the band program. He continuously supports and pushes students to go after their aspirations, musical or not. But more importantly, he is a man who instills the importance of integrity and accountability, serving as the role model that we respect and the mentor we need.

The petition features a two minute video of the jazz band playing outside the senior center in 2013.

The petition allows comments and one alumni of GHS writes, in part, “Mr. Yoon completely changed my life. I don’t feel like I went to high school so much as I LIVED in the band room and it was wonderful! It was a chance to be around greatness and to cooperate with peers in a precise and emotionally intelligent manner.”

Another comment reads in part, “John Yoon has impacted my life in many ways, the least of which being my pursuit of a career in music. Much more importantly, he taught me to value integrity, commitment, and honesty above all else.”

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