Author Missy Wolfe Explores Colonial Life in Greenwich with ISD Students

Shortly after author Missy Wolfe gave a presentation to a standing room audience at Greenwich Library in early December, the host of the event, Wynn McDaniel, Regent of the Horseneck Daughters of the American Revolution, was contacted by Elaine Zygmont-Mink, 5th Grade teacher at the International School at Dundee. The topic of Missy Wolfe’s talk was her recent book, Hidden History of Colonial Greenwich, and it coincided with a colonial America unit currently being taught to their three 5th Grade classes.

On January 19, Ms Wolfe and members of the Horseneck DAR met with the 75 ISD students, where Wolfe presented historical facts about life in early Greenwich, with the native Americans, Dutch and English settlers. She focused on the ongoing conflicts between these groups, especially the early settlers in Greenwich. The students took notes throughout the presentation and asked many questions. It was well received by all, and the teachers would like to continue this session with next year’s 5th Grade class.

Education is one of the many missions of the Daughters of the American Revolution and they were pleased to host this event with the students and teachers at the International School at Dundee. For more information on the DAR, please email [email protected].