Woman Charged with Impersonating a Doctor in Greenwich

Greenwich Police HQ, Bruce Place - Greenwich Free PressVanessa Alfaro-Cruz, 32, of 18 Terrace Ave in White Plains, NY was arrested on Nov 9 by Greenwich Police following an incident at One Field Point Road.

According to Lt. Kray Gray, Ms. Alfaro-Cruz, who is a medical assistant within a doctor’s office at One Field Point Road, performed a medical procedure on a non-client at the doctor’s office where she works.

“Ms. Alfaro-Cruz used ‘Cool Max,’ which involved administering some sort of plastic surgery,” Lr. Gray said. “She was unauthorized by the doctor, and the incident took place after hours when she was not working.”

Ms. Alfaro-Cruz was charged with Impersonating a Doctor and Burglary 3. Her bond was set at $250 and she was assigned a court date on Nov. 16, 2016 in Stamford Superior Court.