Woman with Molotov Cocktail Was Known by Greenwich Police for Out of the Ordinary Behavior

On Friday night a 24-year-old Greenwich woman was arrested in New York City after trying to light a Molotov cocktail in Times Square. Ludivine Baugier DeChevestre, of 367 Riversville Road was charged by NYPD with Reckless Endangerment, Criminal Possession of Weapon and Placing a Bomb after she was spotted in Times Square holding a glass bottle filled with liquid that had a rag stuffed inside it.

On Monday, Lt. Kraig Gray said Ms. DeChevestre was known to Greenwich Police, citing two incidents in particular.

“Ludivine was reported to us as a suspicious person on Sept. 16 after she entered the property of an estate on Riversville Road, saying she had been looking for her cat,” Lt. Gray said.

“At the time, Ludivine said she was working on a novel,” Gray continued, adding that she had told police she thought she had permission to be on the property. The property owner called police because she was concerned about Ludivine’s well being, according to Lt. Gray.

On Sept. 23 a second incident brought Ludivine to the attention of Greenwich Police. During the second encounter, Gray said police received a report about a woman pacing on a parking lot.

On Halloween in 2015, Ms. DeChevestre was arrested for DUI at about 3:00am after Greenwich Police officers observed her Toyota Prius swerving in the roadway over the double yellow line on W Putnam Ave in the area of Brookside Drive before drifting back into the appropriate lane.

According to a CBS news report on Oct 22, NYPD officers saw DeChevestre trying to light the rag on fire and wrestled the bottle from her hands. DeChevestre  was sent to undergo psychiatric evaluation at Mount Sinai West Hospital.

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Greenwich Woman Charged by NYPD after Trying to Light Molotov Cocktail in Times Square