Letter: Bhargava will have a voice among the Democratic party majorities and take a stand for us.

Letter to the editor submitted by Francisco X. Gonzalez on October 24, 2016


As a 16 year Greenwich resident, I have been frustrated that the Connecticut Legislature in Hartford has a bias against Fairfield county and especially for the Town of Greenwich.

We send multiples more in tax revenues than we receive in school aid and other formulaic or discretionary appropriations. This trend has to stop. We need change. We need a voice that will be seated at the table with the Democratic party majorities and take a stand for us.

Dita Bhargava, Greenwich’s candidate for State Representative in the 151st district is that person. Smart, energetic, articulate and caring, Dita is the kind of new politician we need to have represent us.

Her finance and private sector background make her an ideal representative that can tackle issues in the budget, appropriations, tax policy and local aid that are so important to our district.

I know that Dita would be an amazing representative for Greenwich.

Please join me in voting for Dita on November 8th. For Greenwich and our children’s sake.