Greenwich Police Report Yet Another Vehicle Theft

Greenwich Police report that a car was stolen from a driveway sometime in the overnight hours between Nov 15 and 16 in the 700 block of Lake Avenue.

The car, a 2015 Land Rover was processed on the 19th in Waterbury.

Just last week Greenwich Police Chief Heavey issued a message to Greenwich residents on Thursday, asking for their help and cooperation following a rash of vehicle thefts.

“We urge all residents to always lock and alarm their vehicles, to not leave the keys, key fobs, or valet keys in unattended vehicles, and to report all suspicious persons or vehicles to 9-1-1,” Heavey said, adding that Greenwich has become an easy and profitable target for these thieves.

“They have become very discerning with which cars they will steal, taking only the finest and fastest,” Heavey continued. “Often, these criminals use stolen vehicles to commit more crimes, which endanger the public and law enforcement.”

Greenwich Police remind residents: to “Lock it or lose it.”

Regarding the Land Rover stolen from Lake Avenue that was recovered in Waterbury, the reporting person wasn’t able to provide information on whether the keys were in it, because it was a family car, and several people were sharing use of it.

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