Greenwich Police Continue “Saturation Patrols” Labor Day Weekend. Don’t Drink and Drive.

Sergeant John Slusarz of Greenwich Police Dept warns residents that “saturation patrols that commenced earlier this week will continue through Labor Day weekend.

Slusarz said that the force is putting extra officers on the overnight shift to patrol targeted areas in town to look for drunk drivers.

The effort, which is funded by a federal grant, will target spots with a record for crashes, and DUI arrests.

Specifically, officers will be looking for cars that are weaving or have their headlights not illuminated.

“The idea is to saturate the area to make lots of contact with the motorists,” Slusarz said.

Specific areas police will target include Delavan Ave in Byram, which connects to Port Chester where there are many bars. Also both East and West Putnam Ave will be targeted, along with the business districts, on and off-ramps to highways and the “collector roads,” which include North Street, Lake Ave and Round Hill Road.

Slusarz said in particular, in Byram, the area along Delavan Ave that curves around the fire house is a spot people inebriated have a difficult time navigating.

Stay safe this holiday. Don’t drink and drive.