Greenwich Police Ask for Residents’ Cooperation during Snow Clean Up

Greenwich Police issued a statement on Saturday night about the snow storm and the town’s response.

According to Greenwich Police, the town is fortunate that this storm’s snow accumulation did not require a “Snow Emergency.”

The Police Department responded to a few minor motor vehicle accidents, multiple spin outs, and one temporary road closure.

The Highway Department has been out in force and working hard to keep the roadways clear and passable.

Police are asking the community to self-limit their driving and not take any unnecessary trips.  The roads remain slick and hazardous and should you become involved in an accident, it will take First Responders longer than usual to get to you.

Also, police ask residents not to  push snow into the roadway from a private driveway.  Besides the fact that this is a violation, this action creates extra work for the Highway Department and slows down the effective snow removal from the public highway.

It is going to stay cold for a few days, and it will likely require snow removal operations to continue after the storm.  Please make sure that any on-street parking is kept to a minimum to allow the removal of any accumulated snow.


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