Back to School in Greenwich: Slow Down and Obey Drop-Off and Pick-up Procedures

Traffic backed up in both directions at the intersection of Hillside and East Putnam Avenue. Aug 31, 2017 Photo: Leslie Yager

Greenwich Schools open on Wednesday, Aug  28 for incoming students in grade 6 and 9 (Grade 6&9 Orientation – Early Release).

Schools open for all students on Thursday, Aug 29 for all students.

As the summer ends and the school year begins Greenwich Police will be increasing traffic enforcement in and around schools in Greenwich. Drivers are reminded to slow down, pay attention, and obey the traffic laws. Drivers can be fined $470 for passing a stopped school bus.

GHS parents dropping off students at Greenwich High School are advised that it can take about 20 minutes to get from exit 4 on I95 to get to Putnam Ave, and another 15 minutes to turn onto Hillside Rd into Greenwich High School.

“Everyone’s got to participate in keeping our school safe,” said Greenwich Police Lt John Slusarz. “One of the things that’s important is not to drop your kid off across from school, especially on Hillside Road because young people have to run across several lanes of traffic. There’s no sidewalk on the east side of Hillside, and there are signs saying not to.”

Greenwich Police will have officers out doing enforcement at the start of the school year.

For parents’ convenience, students may be dropped off at 7:15am, but they will be minimally supervised until security and other school personnel arrive at 8:00.

Parents will be directed to enter GHS through the main entrance, drive behind the building and pick up students by the gym. On the first day of school Greenwich Police will assist in directing traffic.

In the past police officers have had conversations with parents attempting to drop their children off on the north side of Hillside Rd and have them dart across traffic rather than drive behind the school to drop students off and per procedure. Police have warned this is extremely dangerous and drivers who do so can be ticketed.

Nor should parents drop students off in neighbors’ driveways or in other entrances to GHS.

Parent pick-up after school will also be in the BACK of the school.


A student arrived at GHS on a bicycle. About a dozen bicycles filled spots in the bike racks outside the glass corridor. Aug 31, 2017 Photo: Leslie Yager