GHS Student Gov Report: Overcrowded Buses, Controversial Open Campus Policy

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3,689 Cans Donated for 9/11 Food Drive at GHS
Julia Bunte-Mein, the Greenwich High School senior class president reported at the Thursday Board of Ed meeting that the school’s 9/11 food drive exceeded its goal of one can per life list in the 9/11 attacks.

She said the cans were stacked in large pyramids in the middle of the student center, creating “a sense of remembrance and community and a reminder to students how much can be done if everyone participates.”

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Overcrowded School Buses
Julia said student government recently learned of overcrowding on buses, especially Bus 8 where she said, “Students are often forced to stand or squat in the aisles because there is not enlugh room for them in the seats,” she said. “So far we just heard of this one particular bus but we are looking to see if there is a trend in overcrowded buses.”

She said she hopes the issue can be resolved by either re-routing or adding an additional bus for the stop that is overcrowded.


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Spotty WiFi
Julia said that technology is a hot topic at GHS and students have complained about spotty wifi, which are due to routers yet to be hooked up at the school. “We expect this problems will be resolved shortly and then no longer an issue for students,” she said.

She reported that Schoology is a a new, conducive resource for both the student body and teachers. “Though some students have complained that not all teachers have switched over to using Schoology, so students have to check two, three or four different sites every night just to find out what their homework is.”

Schoology’s website describes it as “innovative learning management system (LMS) and social network that makes it easy to create and share academic content.”

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 10.59.20 AMOpen Campus Policy Changes
Julia said that this year GHS’s new policy for open campus had changed and that this year, due to issues with liability, all seniors have been asked to bring in a permission slip in order for them to be allowed to leave campus. Also, seniors must sign out before they leave and when they come back, she said.

“A lot of juniors are asking, ‘Why not us? Are we not as mature as seniors? Can we have this policy extended to us?'” – Julia Bunte-Mein, GHS senior class president

Open Campus Student Survey
Student Body President Blake Reinken said he advocated an open campus policy extension to GHS juniors. Reinken reported that he had met earlier in the week with Superintendent McKersie and Headmaster Chris Winters to discuss the matter. It was suggested to Reinken that he do a survey at GHS to better understand how students feel about this. “We did our survey and the results will probably not surprise you.”

Reinken said that in a short period of time on Thursday afternoon (4:05pm til 6:30pm) yielded 517 responses to the survey:

  • 95.1% of freshmen surveyed support either expanding the policy to juniors or juniors & sophomores.
  • 100% of sophomores surveyed support either expanding the policy to juniors or juniors & sophomores.
  • 97% of juniors support either expanding the policy to juniors or juniors & sophomores.
  • 82% of seniors support either expanding the policy to juniors or juniors & sophomores.

Reinken said next student government would send out a survey to parents of the juniors class. “We’re committed as a student government to this. We’re not going to let it go easily,” he said.

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