Fresh, Fun and Unfiltered: Social Skills Program for Kids Arrives in Greenwich

The nationally acclaimed program, socialsklz:-) tools to thrive in the modern world recently kicked off its programming in Greenwich.  Workshops were taught by founder and author, Faye de Muyshondt at the Stanwich School. de Muyshondt is also a contributor on the Today Show.

De Muyshondt notes that social and emotional skills have been dubbed the “missing piece” in American education.

“Beyond academics, these are the skills that every child need for life success starting at the playground and ultimately at the workplace.  They are teachable and learnable and it’s important that we don’t just assume that kids will pick the skills up along the way.” – Faye de Muyshondt

De Muyshondt founded the program while teaching at New York University at the Steinhardt School in the department of media, culture and communications.  She noticed that while her students were often brilliant academically speaking they were often missing the soft skills that are vital for a job interview and workplace readiness.

She began teaching a class there, titled it The Brand Called You and quickly saw how responsive her students were and how self-confidence building these skills were.  Just like anything else in life, when skills are taught, they can be mastered with practice and repetition.

Designed for neurotypical kids and young adults, the program has been called “not your mother’s manners classes” by

De Muyshondt teaches skill such as how to make a good (and authentic) first impression both in-person and digitally, conversational skills, dining savvy, persistence and perseverance, gratitude and attitude as well as independence skills.

De Muyshondt is the author of the award winning book socialsklz:-) for SUCCESS: How to Give Children the Tools To Thrive in the Modern World

Parents Magazine calls it a “cutting edge manual for raising polite and safe kids in the digital world.”  socialsklz:-) workshops, camps and back2school programs will continue to run throughout the summer, fall and winter at different locations in Greenwich.  More information is available online or by calling (212) 579-5300.

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