Sandy Litvack: Why I’m Running For Greenwich First Selectman

Sandy Litvack Photo: Leslie Yager

Submitted by Sandy Litvack, Democratic candidate for First Selectman, Sept 11, 2017

Why? That is the question I am always asked. Why are you running for a political office for the first time in your life? Why do you want to be First Selectman? Why should we vote for you, instead of the incumbent who has held the job for ten years? Why? The answers are simple, straightforward and direct.

I am seeking political office, even though I have never sought any office before, because I have decided after 2016 that complacency is simply no longer acceptable. If you believe you have something to offer it is time to act. I believe I have something to offer to the Town of Greenwich and I believe it is important to do so now as we face increased challenges that demand new solutions and new skills.

Our town needs a vision and a plan for economic growth that will enable us to meet our financial needs, keep our taxes  as low as possible and maintain the quality of life that has made Greenwich special for all of us. To accomplish that requires a new vision, a new set of skills and a new direction. Given my extensive background in management and government, I can provide those skills and that direction.

I have served as Assistant Attorney General of the United States in charge of the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice. I have been the Chief of Corporate Operations of the Walt Disney Company and served as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company. My experience, overseeing thousands of employees, has taught me the value of good management and the importance of weeding out inefficient or incompetent management swiftly. I have done that. Equally important, I know how to generate economic growth having negotiated myriad business deals across the country and the globe to bring businesses to Disney’s theme parks.  These are skills and experiences I want to bring to Greenwich government.

Greenwich is a great place to live but it can be better, with economic growth, a new vitality and a new direction. After a decade of one man, one party, governance I believe it is time for a change. Time to bring a different kind of leadership to the town, one with experience in the corporate world, the legal world and internationally. It is time to bring that experience and vision to Greenwich municipal government.

Sandy Litvack is the Democratic Candidate for First Selectman in Greenwich. The General Election will be held on Tuesday, November 7.