Letter: At Proposed Neighbor to Neighbor Food Pantry, Will Cheese & Fish Join the Menu? Will Dumpsters be Airtight?

Letter to the Editor Submitted Oct. 11, 2016 by John Considine

The lawyer for Neighbor to Neighbor outlined the modest essentials for the proposed operation on the Tomes Higgins property in an Oct. 2015 letter. It would… “provide basic food and clothing assistance to Greenwich’s low income citizens”……

As time passed, the true scope of the operation became apparent. The Neighbor to Neighbor web site now reveals that Stamford and Port Chester are in the loop. The web site indicates:

“The ‘client choice’ food pantry allows our clients to select their own food based on nutritional guidelines and personal preferences. We have moved beyond cans and now also offer whole wheat bread, meat, 2% milk and fresh fruits and vegetables.”

Query: Will cheese and fish eventually join the menu? Will the dumpsters be airtight?

A reliable source has also indicated that buses from Stamford have already made the journey to NTN Greenwich, and will continue to do so.

One other matter that will rear its head if the NTN project is approved. Those in the multiple abodes living close to the facility will see the market value of their apartments plummet.

Such would logically entitle both the Putnam Hill and Putnam Park Associations, the residential entities paying the highest taxes in Greenwich, to seek a tax reduction. That effort will be a convoluted nightmare for both Associations as well as our tax bureau and the citizens of Greenwich.

For the above reasons, as well as the myriad of evidence already presented that paints the NTN operation as a commercial entity in the midst of a ‘super’ residential zone, NTN should seek a more appropriate location for its operations.

John Eugene Considine
Putnam Park