Town of Greenwich Issues RFP for Mixed-Use Development in Island Beach Parking Lot

On Monday the Town of Greenwich issued an RFP (#7626) for a mixed use development in the Island Beach Parking lot at 121 Arch Street.

The lot is located across from the ferry dock, DPW shed, Arch Street Teen Center and Roger Sherman Baldwin Park.

The proposal would be part of a public-private partnership.

According to the RFP, the Town is looking for a partnership with a developer to provide high quality mixed-use concepts for the redevelopment of this property.

The Town encourages the developer to submit creative proposals which will include commercial uses that generate strong economic activity such as shopping, dining, and entertainment, while conforming to the existing surrounding area and neighborhoods.

The project shall include a public parking component. Respondents can propose multiple options for the mixed-use development if they fit the criteria outlined in the RFP.

It notes one of the objectives of Greenwich’s POCD is to “Strengthen the connection between upper and lower downtown. Downtown is currently bifurcated by the railroad and I-95 underpass that separate Greenwich Avenue from the Bruce Museum, Greenwich Harbor, and Roger Sherman Baldwin Park.”

The property, less than 1/2 mile from Greenwich Ave, is approximately 2.8 acres and is currently being used for permit and daily fee parking.

Proposals are to include a cost proposal with itemized project budget.

“First Selectman has proposed the redevelopment of Roger Sherman Baldwin Park (RSBP). …Identify funding opportunities between Island Beach parking lot redevelopment and RSBP redevelopment.”

The respondent is asked to provide:

1. Conceptual design for the site proposed, including conceptual front and side elevations.

2. Schedule of development including the collection of background information and fact finding, property design, land use approval(s), and construction. If the development is to be completed in phases, the number and term of those phases shall be included.

3. A summary of expected economic and financial impacts including employment, housing, tax revenue and expected capital investments.

4. Solicit Public Input from the community regarding ideas and concerns for the development.

5. Preliminary cost estimates for the total completion of the project, and financing plan sufficient to complete the proposed project on a timely basis.

6. Information on how the Town would be expected to participate in the development, financially or otherwise.

The closing date for RFPs is June 4, 2021 at 11:00am. The anticipated contract reward is August 9, 2021.

The RFP references pages 30-38 for Roger Sherman Baldwin Park Redevelopment concept plans in the First Selectman’s Budget presentation.

Aerial view of the Island Beach lot.

Almost a year ago, the town issued an RFP on behalf of Parks & Rec Dept for a redesign of Roger Sherman Baldwin Park, which is across the street from the Island Beach lot.

“The park is not appealing to the public, therefore it does not encourage usage when events are not scheduled,” the RFP stated. “The current configuration does not provide a defined park entrance, nor does it take advantage of the harbor and water views.”

First Selectman Fred Camillo’s most recent budget sought funds to reimagine the park a waiting area for the ferry boats and new bathrooms at the back of the Arch Street Teen Center in a matching brick.

The re-designed park would include a wrap around track, and multiple berms to provide color and greenery throughout the year. Camillo has noted that harbor views were blocked by a 1950s era parks building, and that the first view of the park from Arch Street were of asphalt in the skate park.

Camillo’s proposed 2020-21 budget included $1million+ for park restoration and relocating the DPW building next to the ferry boats, but the Board of Estimate and Taxation’s Budget Committee voted to unanimously to recommend cutting the funding.