Special Zoom Joint Meeting of 2 RTM Committees to Include Blight Ordinance, Affordable Housing Trust Fund

There will be a special Zoom joint meeting of the RTM Legislative & Rules Committee and Land Use Committee on Monday, March 1, 2021 at 8:00 pm.

Legislative & Rules and Land Use will jointly consider the following items: 

• Blight Ordinance – Item 2 on the Call;

•Proposed Affordable Housing Trust Fund Ordinance – Not on the Call;

• Ordinance Requiring a Building Committee for School Buildings and Appurtenances – Item #16

•Electric Power Easement for Police Pistol Range – Item 3

The joint Zoom meeting will be set up so that all persons attending the joint meeting will access the joint meeting by using the link to the Land Use Committee Zoom meeting. 

The Land Use Committee will have begun its meeting at 7:00, and the joint meeting will begin at 8:00. 

Persons attending only the joint meeting will join the Land Use meeting already under way. 

Following the conclusion of the joint meeting, the two committees’ separate meetings will be accessed as follows: Land Use will start the joint meeting on its originally scheduled Zoom webinar and, following the conclusion of the joint meeting, will continue on the same Zoom connection for the separate Land Use Committee meeting. 

Legislative & Rules will join the originally scheduled Zoom webinar for the joint meeting.  Then L&R will leave the Land Use meeting and join a new Zoom meeting for the Legislative & Rules Committee’s separate Zoom meeting.

Francis J. Burgweger, Jr., Chairman
RTM Legislative & Rules Committee