RMA to Host US Senator Chris Murphy, “Serving the People”

The Retired Men’s Association of Greenwich (RMA)  will host US Senator from Connecticut Chris Murphy (D) on April 19, 2017 at First Presbyterian Church, Lafayette Place, Greenwich. The talk begins at 11:00am.

Senator Murphy previously served in the United States House of Representatives, where he represented Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District from 2007–2013.

Prior to this he served as a member of both chambers of the Connecticut General Assembly, serving in the Connecticut House of Representatives (1999–2003) and the Connecticut Senate (2003–2007).   As a state senator, he was co-chairman of the General Assembly’s Public Health Committee for four years.

Murphy announced in 2011 that he would run for the U.S.Senate in the 2012 election after veteran U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman, an independent, decided to retire.

Murphy won the Democratic endorsement at the convention and soundly and went on to defeat the wealthy Republican Linda McMahon, former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, in the general election.

He is currently the youngest United States Senator.

Health care has been major theme in Murphy’s political career.   As a state senator, he helped with the passage of the state’s Stem Cell Investment Act, which at the time made Connecticut the third state in the nation, behind California and New Jersey, to provide funding to support embryonic and human adult stem cell research.

Murphy also has called for reforming congressional ethics. He is a critic of the Ethics Committee, which he said operated under a truce not to investigate or punish fellow members for violations.  The House passed a Murphy proposal in 2008 that creates an independent ethics panel that can initiate and investigate claims of ethics violations against members of Congress, and forward them to the Ethics Committee in case punitive action is needed.

The Greenwich Retired Men’s Association offers a free program every Wednesday that is open to the public, both men and women; no reservations are required. The RMA social break starts at 10:40am followed promptly by a speaker at 11:00am.

Programs are at the First Presbyterian Church, 1 West Putnam in Greenwich. For additional information see www.greenwichrma.org or contact [email protected]

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