P&Z Commission Chair and New Town Planner to Address RMA on Land Use Issues

The Retired Mean’s Association is hosting featured speakers Patrick LaRow, incoming Town Planner / director of Planning & Zoning, and P&Z commission chair Margarita Alban on January 4, 2023 about land use issues in Greenwich.

Longtime P&Z director Katie DeLuca retires at the end of this month.

Margarita Alban

Speaker programs are open to the public. The talk is live in person at First Presbyterian Church, 37 Lafayette Place in Greenwich. The programs begin at 11:00am. Guests are asked to arrive in time to take a seat. All talks conclude by 12:00 noon.

The program will also be shown live via Zoom.

Town Planning and the Planning and Zoning Commission together are responsible for the preparation of long-range plans for the most desirable development and use of the land within the Town of Greenwich and the enforcement of its land use regulations. In their presentation, Patrick and Margarita will discuss the principal issues that are impacting Greenwich land use and their outlook for the future. This will include an assessment of the likely influences that economic, social and political trends may have on current regulations.

Patrick LaRow

Patrick LaRow was named Town Planner of Greenwich effective January 1, 2023 of this year. He has been with the Planning & Zoning Dept since 2007 and served as Deputy Director since 2017. Patrick has expertise in municipal and regional planning and land use policy. LaRow is a graduate of the University of Albany, SUNY with a Masters in Regional Planning and The University of Buffalo with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design/Architecture.

Margarita Alban is Chair of the Planning and Zoning Commission of Greenwich. She has Masters Degrees in both management and accounting. She spent her career at Exxon Mobile in their U.S. and International Divisions with experience in finance,construction, sales and public affairs.

Alban joined the Planning and Zoning Commission in 2006 and became its Chair in 2018.

For additional information see www.greenwichrma.org or contact us by email at [email protected].

To submit questions in advance, you can post your questions on GFP’s Facebook, which the RMA moderator Peter Berg is monitoring or send them directly to him at [email protected]

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