Parents React to Reopening of Greenwich Playgrounds

After months of entertaining toddlers and young children at home, parents are excited to return to one of their favorite spots, playgrounds. As of July 22, playgrounds have reopened in Greenwich.

First Selectman Fred Camillo ordered the closure of all Greenwich’s parks, playgrounds and the town golf course on March 22 to slow the spread of Covid-19. The previous day, March 21, there had been 8,433 visitors to Greenwich Point Park alone.

Matthew Corbo at Bruce Park Playground. July 31, 2020. Photo: Darian Fauser

Bible Street, Binney, Bruce, Byram, Cos Cob, Havemeyer, Loughlin Avenue, and Pemberwick Park playgrounds are all open with new social distancing rules and guidelines.

Those attending the playgrounds must social distance by at least six feet at all times. Additionally, visitors must wear a mask whenever being in close contact with others.

The town is not disinfecting any playground equipment, and visitors are responsible for cleaning and disinfecting when they feel necessary.

Those who want to use the playground are encouraged to bring their own supplies. As a reminder, signs have been posted at the entrance of each playground that list all of the rules.

Millie Corbo at Bruce Park Playground. July 31, 2020 Photo: Darian Fauser

This week, the Bruce Park playground was scattered with children, all spread out at least six feet apart.

Each child was being closely supervised to make sure they were being safe and respectful of distancing rules.

Before and after usage, playground equipment was being wiped down with disinfectant wipes and sprays.

Playground closed between Havemeyer building and Greenwich Town Hall, March 20, 2020. Photo: Leslie Yager

At the Bruce Park playground, mom of two, Maureen Corbo said, “I’ve been waiting for them to reopen. I’m so, so happy that they are. It’s been a long time to entertain toddlers at home, and it’s so much easier to keep them busy and active.”

Not only was Corbo thankful that the playgrounds were finally opened, she also felt very comfortable with the safety aspect of it.

She explained that she was perfectly fine with outdoor activities, and she had her disinfectant at all times to clean equipment.