LETTER: Stealing lawn signs…Where’s the beauty of “American” free speech?

Letter to the editor from Sophie Khanna, 20, Greenwich

On Friday July 31 I put up a “United for Biden” sign outside my parents’ house gate. I was excited to share my view with my neighbors and reap the benefits of living in a “free” country with “freedom of speech”. I had a little photoshoot with my puppy and was very excited about my sign. On Saturday, during lunch time I noticed a Black Cadillac SUV pulled over into the end of our driveway. I turned to my little sister and asked, “Do you think they are stealing our sign?” she responded with “Maybe”. “Maybe something is wrong with their car.” I said to her.

Later that same afternoon I went to get the mail, only to notice the sign was completely gone.

Not torn apart. Not written over. Stolen.

To the individual who stole my sign: What you did was illegal, morally wrong, trespassing is a crime and we saw you. Next time, I urge you to not steal but engage in discussion. Excluding someone’s beliefs by taking away their free speech goes against all of American values. What you did was personal and political. Your act of stealing my sign in support of a presidential candidate is wholly unAmerican.

I was completely shocked when I saw that my sign was stolen. To disrespect someone else’s property, values and freedom is so beneath this town, or so I thought. I have lived in this town for 18 years. My mother is an RTM member and has served this community whole heartedly by attending every RTM meeting, being a PTA parent and having a small business in Greenwich.

We are long-time community members so I must ask what reason did my family deserve to be disrespected? While the election grows closer more and more campaign signs will pop up local and national. Will my experience be similar to those of other residents and if so what will the
town do to protect free speech? Is Greenwich really a town of free speech and American values if people break the law, trespass and do their most to ensure not all voices and values are heard? Even those as moderate as Biden?

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