Next Hamill Rink User Committee to Meet May 26

The next rink User Committee meeting for design & planning of a new Hamill Rink in Eugene Morlot Park will be held via Zoom on Wednesday, May 26, 2021, at 11:00am.

Please click the link below to view, listen, and/or participate in this webinar:

Dial-in: 646-518-9805
Webinar ID: 873 4026 1687
Passcode: 9326266 Meeting Agenda1. Approval of minutes fmeeting#1(May5,2021)

2. Consideration and vote on recommendation of road entrance from Western Jr Highway.

3. Consideration and vote on FAQs to be posted

4. Preliminary consideration of options A‐E previously presented by SLAM

5 .Preliminary consideration of schedule/calendar for construction and for operation of Rink and Strazza Field

6. Schedule of meeting dates through FY 2022

7. Public comments

8. Adjournment

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Adding Access Road to New Hamill Rink Could Bump Users for at Least a Year A During Construction

May 6, 2021