Indivisible Greenwich to Join Groups Nationwide In “Reject The Coverup” Event

Indivisible Greenwich, also known as “IG,” the local group created to protect America’s democracy and democratic institutions in the face of assaults by the Trump administration, will hold a peaceful gathering Wednesday, February 5, at Town Hall (101 Field Point Rd) from 5:30 to 6:00pm to protest the Senate’s pre-determined and rubber-stamped acquittal of Trump for his admitted use of government funds for his own electoral purposes and obstruction of justice.

The Group will join other groups across the country gathering under the banner, “Reject The Coverup,” planning similar events.

“Our democracy is under assault by an imperious President and a complicit Senate that is failing to implement the checks and balances our founders put in place,” said IG co-founder Joanna Swomley. “If we adopt the President’s view, that he may take any act he alone believes is in the best interest of the country, we have an autocracy. What is to stop him from cancelling the next election?” said Swomley. “Our Constitution was not designed to protect against public servants unwilling to honor their oaths to the Constitution. Mitch McConnell said weeks ago that there was no way the Senate would convict the President. So, it falls on each of us, irrespective of which party you support, to stand up as one and say we will not let 53 senators and a political party destroy our institutions and obliterate our democratic norms.”

“People are upset about the Senate’s whitewash. We are offering an opportunity to come together peacefully in solidarity and in protest. We are trying to protect our democracy,” said Swomley.

“IG offers many different ways to participate in elections this November. Trips to Pennsylvania, phone banks, letter and post card initiatives are planned.”

“Meeting schedules, and additional information about the group, can be found on the website, and in a weekly mailing to members,” said Pierson.