Greenwich RTC Slate for November 5, 2024 Election: Fazio, Cappiali, Laudonia, Courpas, DeCaro

From the Greenwich Republican Town Committee:

The Greenwich Republican Town Committee (RTC) proudly announces the completion of its candidate slate for the upcoming November 5th, 2024 election following a decisive meeting held last night. The RTC is poised to present a dynamic team of candidates committed to serving the interests of the Greenwich community.

Headlining the slate is incumbent Senator Ryan Fazio, who has demonstrated unwavering dedication to representing the voices of Greenwich in the States upper chamber and a tireless advocate for local zoning control.

In addition, the RTC is excited to introduce three formidable challengers who will vie for crucial seats in the state assembly. Tina Courpas steps forward to challenge Rachel Khanna in the 149th Assembly District, bringing with her a wealth of experience and a passion for serving her constituents.  “Zoning is going to be the (number 1) issue…on the House level, all 3 Democratic delegates voted for 5390…the very offensive transit bill…this election will be about their record”

Former Tax Collector Tod Laudonia will be contesting Hector Arzeno in the 151st Assembly District, poised to offer fresh perspectives and proactive solutions to address the needs of the community.  In an address to the body Laudonia stated “We need to continue to have local control… family has been in the 151st District for 110 years, we will move forward with progress but let’s make decisions for ourselves.”

Completing the slate, Paul Cappialli will be aiming to unseat Steve Meskers in the 150th Assembly District, bringing a vision for positive change and effective governance.  “My family’s roots in Greenwich go back to the late 1800’s, so you can imagine how profound and meaningful this (nomination) is to me”

Fred DeCaro was nominated as the Republican Registrar of Voters.  DeCaro’s appointment underscores the confidence placed in his ability to uphold the integrity of the electoral process.  In a fiery speech to the body DeCaro stated “As long as I am Registrar, you can be assured of transparency, security and accuracy.”  DeCaro also took significant time to honor Ana Frank, a part time staffer who recently passed away.

Expressing his confidence in the RTC’s prospects, Chairman Jerry Cincotta stated, “I am enthusiastic about our chances of regaining some of the house seats lost in 2022. With this strong and dedicated slate of candidates, we are ready to engage with our community, champion their concerns, and deliver real results.”

The Greenwich RTC looks forward to engaging with voters, fostering meaningful dialogue, and working tirelessly to secure a brighter future for Greenwich and its residents.