Gov. Malloy Will Attend Trump’s Inauguration After All

Governor Dannel Malloy released a statement on Friday explaining his reasoning for attending President Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration on Jan. 20.

“I’ve given much consideration to the question of whether I will attend the presidential inauguration,” Malloy wrote. “While my first inclination was to decline, I’ve decided to accept the invitation.”

“President-Elect Trump was not the preferred candidate of either myself or the majority of Connecticut voters. His conduct during this transition has not assuaged my grave concern that he intends to fundamentally lead this nation in the wrong direction.

However, Malloy said he doesn’t believe this is the time for compassionate and reasoned voices to shrink away – be they Democrat, Republican, or independent.

“The presence of fair-minded people is now more important than ever,” Malloy continued. “In the wake of this election and in opposition to many of the President-Elect’s recent actions, we are called upon to stand up, dust ourselves off, to be seen, and to be heard.”

The Governor said his presence at the inauguration will be a signal that those who disagree with Trump’s recent actions are not going away, and will fight for fairness, equality, and decency.

“For these reasons, I plan to attend the inauguration ceremony and witness the peaceful transference of power from one president to the next – a cornerstone of our democracy. I understand some may choose differently, and I respect their choice.”


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