Forum Slated on Safe Streets and Active Transportation

Summer vacation has ended, schools and businesses are in full swing, the perfunctory reminders and messages on drop-off/pickup protocol have been delivered. All users who live near a school or must travel in the vicinity during those times have already experienced the misery of traffic congestion, confusion, frustration and dangerous behavior – most importantly parents concerned about the safety of letting their children walk or bike to school, and commuters who choose micromobility to get around. 

The Selectmen’s Active Transportation Task Force is holding a Public Safety Forum aimed at tackling the ever-worsening local transportation nightmare, and addressing what steps our community needs to take to increase the safety of all users who share the road; motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, and scooters.

Come engage with a panel of experts who live or work in Greenwich and others who have helped similar towns solve the same issues. 

We want to hear from residents who use all modes of transport. What you have experienced, and what you think are the causes and solutions.  

The Forum will take place in the Town Hall Meeting Room Oct. 2, 6:00-8:00pm.

If you can’t make it in person, here is a Zoom link and people can log in here.

Additionally, the Selectmen’s Active Transportation Task Force is conducting a walkability and bikeability survey and you can participate by clicking here

To help us get a sense of public awareness and sentiment prior to the forum – no matter how you get around – please take this important survey provided by BikeWalkCT. They will tabulate and forward the results from all Greenwich residents.

Connecticut Walkability/Bikeability Survey (

Please come prepared to roll up your sleeves and make a difference. We can do this!

Zoom will be an option. The information and link will be posted on the Town Calendar. 

Bob DeAngelo and Vin DiMarco
Citizen members, ATTF