Tina Courpas Receives Nomination for 149th District: Greenwich and Stamford

Greenwich Republican delegates from Greenwich and Stamford unanimously elected Tina Courpas as their candidate for the 149th House District, representing Greenwich and Stamford.

Contributed photo: Tina Courpas

A nominating convention was held Greenwich Town Hall, where Courpas accepted the party endorsement.

She stated, “I have received tremendous support for this campaign, good will from many seasoned leaders in Greenwich and Stamford, and donations from a wide cross section of Greenwich and Stamford citizens. Thank you for putting your faith in me and this campaign.”

Having already achieved the required threshold for the state’s clean election program far ahead of the state deadline, Courpas added that her campaign for office was already in motion.

Courpas has been a resident of Greenwich for almost 20 years. She worked in corporate law and investment banking for 21 years, before running two non-profit organizations as Executive Director. One such organization was the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women in CT, a bipartisan non-profit with a 50-year legacy of passing legislation on behalf of CT’s women and girls. She has been active in her community, primarily in schools and education. She is the daughter of Greek immigrants and proud mother of four.

Lauren Rabin, Greenwich Selectwoman stated, “I am thrilled that Tina is running to represent me and the entire 149th district in Hartford. Tina is a person of action, determination, and collaboration, attracted to bipartisanship. For years, she ran the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women in Connecticut, which helped pass legislation for CT’s women. Her background in finance and law has given her a vast network and a professional framework to tackle the most significant issue our town faces: the continued threat to local control.”

Christi Gebhardt, delegate from the Stamford RTC added, “Tina is just the kind of strong and effective leader that the people of Stamford need representing them in Hartford. She has relationships and friendships across the state from both sides of the aisle that will help her be effective day one.”

Courpas said her primary areas of focus will be CTs economy, specifically fiscal discipline and low taxes, local control of zoning, public safety and security, and long-term investments in CT’s schools. She further added regarding her campaign and approach as a legislator, “Voters are tired of toxic politics on both sides of the aisle and extreme policies which do not make common sense. My campaign stands for common sense leadership and common decency in the process.”

Courpas will hold her campaign kick-off on Thursday, May 30, at 6:00 pm at the Glenville Fire House in Greenwich, with guests including Fred Camillo, First Selectman of Greenwich, Lauren Rabin, Selectwoman of Greenwich, Ryan Fazio, State Senator and Joe Andreana, Chair of the Stamford RTC.

Allyson Cowin, long-time member of the Greenwich RTM and RTC nominated the candidate and said, “I have known Tina for almost 20 years. She is smart, principled, and hardworking. Tina Courpas will be a voice of reason in Hartford and has our full support. We are very optimistic about her as a candidate.”