DPW: Strickland Brook Drainage Area Public Meeting Notice

Town of Greenwich Department of Public Works (DPW) is hosting a public information meeting on May 10, 2023, at 5:00 pm in the Town Hall Meeting Room to share an in-depth study and review of the Strickland Brook drainage area that was conducted by DPW’s Engineering Division with the assistance of design consulting firm, CDM Smith.

Flooding in the area of Cos Cob Library, East Putnam Ave and Suburban Ave. Photo courtesy Myra Klockenbrink
About 100 people filled the seats in the town hall meeting room on Jan 19, 2023 for a meeting on drainage in the area of the west branch of Brothers Brook. Photo: Leslie Yager

After exploring multiple alternatives, it is recommended that some residents living in the Strickland Brook drainage area implement nonstructural floodproofing methods to protect their property from flooding.

This meeting will describe ways that residents can implement floodproofing methods, such as wet floodproofing, dry floodproofing, and elevation of properties as needed.

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Flooding in Cos Cob in the park by the library at Suburban Ave Friday, Dec 23, 2022 in Cos Cob. Photo Myra Klockenbrink