Divots and Drainage Holding Back Greenwich Fields

Take I-95 a few exits north of Greenwich and you’ll notice that neighboring towns often have a plethora of turf fields and perfectly cut grass baseball parks. In our Town, you’ll find divots on grass fields, and poor drainage systems that can leave the grass wet days after rain.

Not only does this hold back athletes from getting to play in nice conditions, but it can restrain teams from being able to practice in general.

Greenwich High School senior Sean Pratley, who is interning for Greenwich Athletic Foundation, is looking to solve this problem.

The purpose of Pratley’s internship is to evaluate the public facilities and fields that athletes in the Town of Greenwich play on. He is making suggestions to the Town on what could be done better to improve facilities.

“I have found that a lot of the fields need to have better upkeep and maintenance. Most have large grass spots that could be fixed pretty easily,” said said Pratley, who was a baseball captain and found the Greenwich High School field disadvantageous to his team.

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Because of poor drainage, the team would often have to play games at Julian Curtiss School.

“Baseball is one of the few sports where you can’t really play in the rain, and when the drainage system isn’t good it can really mess up the flow of our team practicing and playing games,” Pratley added.

Improving the poor drainage system at the GHS field and fields around Town would be costly, but it definitely would be beneficial to the players.

If you want to help this cause, Pratley recommends donating to the Greenwich Athletic Foundation, which serves to support public sports facilities around Town. With help from residents around Town, the fields could soon look like the ones in other towns around Fairfield County.