CT Attorney General Seeks State Custody of 70 Animals Seized in Unsanitary Animal Rescue

Attorney General William Tong is seeking state custody of 70 animals seized from an overcrowded and unsanitary Hebron animal rescue

Attorney General Tong is seeking state custody of 33 dogs, 28 cats, five ducks, three goats, and a pony seized from CT Pregnant Dog and Cat Rescue on March 25.

“No animal should ever suffer like this. The dogs, cats, ducks, goat, parakeet and pony seized from this farm were kept in deplorable and inhumane conditions. We are seeking permanent state custody of these animals to ensure they receive the proper care and attention they need and deserve,” Attorney General Tong said.

“The collaborative efforts between state agencies, the town, and all of the Animal Control Officers led to a successful investigation and seizure to place the animals in more suitable homes and provide access to critical veterinary care,” said Agriculture Commissioner Bryan Hurlburt. “If you suspect animal cruelty, reports can be made directly to the local animal control department or contact our agency at 860-713-2506 or [email protected].”

On March 23, a Dept of Children and Families investigator made a visit to the house at 171 Porter Road in Hebron. The DCF investigator knew there were animals on the property and requested the presence of both state and Hebron animal control officers.

The animal control officers found the property to be in poor condition with large quantities of trash strewn across the property, including a full dumpster, dozens of trash bags, numerous animal cages, empty plastic buckets and unused cans of animal feed.

Once inside the home, officers observed that the floors were covered in urine and feces, newspaper clippings, loose dog food, insulation, and dirt. Dogs and cats were observed in unclean cages and kennels that were soiled with urine and feces.

In a stable on the property, animal control officers observed a pony, goats and ducks. The stable area contained significant buildups of feces and hay debris.

On March 25, a search warrant was executed on the property by Hebron Animal Control, State Animal Control officers as well as officers from the Connecticut State Police, municipal animal control officers from the Towns of Tolland, Willington, Windsor, Vernon, Stafford, Stonington, North Stonington, Waterford/East Lyme, East Haddam/East Hampton, Meriden, and Southbury, as well as officers from the Chatham Health Department and the Hebron Fire Marshal.

The animals were recovered during the search and found to be in varying conditions — some were missing fur, had discharge around their eyes, skin conditions and minor injuries. The parakeet seized during the search died a week later. The animals are currently being held at various animal control facilities where they are receiving proper care.

Attorney General Tong’s petition seeks state custody of the animals. The petition also seeks to require the animal rescue’s owner, who has been charged by State Police with animal cruelty, to identify any and all animals in their possession that are being fostered with members of the public through CT Pregnant Dog and Cat Rescue.

Assistant Attorney General Daniel Salton and Matthew Levine, Deputy Associate Attorney General/Chief of the Environment Section are assisting the Attorney General in this matter.