A Note from the Democratic Candidate for First Selectman

Submitted by Bill Kelly, Democratic Candidate for First Selectman

 Greenwich succeeds because of its incredible network of volunteers.  When we turn away from our self interest and embrace the greater good we move the needle forward for all of us.  Having served in volunteer positions and organizations for over twenty-five years in our Town I am thrilled when I witness the volunteer pipeline continue to be refreshed and renewed with willing, talented and selfless residents.  As long as we continue to open our eyes to the world around us and commit to continuous improvement our Town will be just fine.

As for the recent election, I lost, or as one good friend said: “You got crushed.”  Yes, yes I did.  In that regard, I want to congratulate Fred and wish him every success.  

I also want to thank everyone who gave of their time, money and advice to assist me.  Our task was not Sisyphean but close.  Hopefully foundation issues will be addressed, such as infrastructure (flooding) and failing school structures so that any subsequent campaign will focus on our future including energy savings, bicycle routes and climate change issues.  

Lastly, many thanks to the 5,460 voters who made the effort to fill out my circle with their pencil.  The confidence you expressed is much appreciated.  

Happy Thanksgiving to all and lets give thanks for all our blessings including the ability to reside in this Town.