Wuji, Chinese Restaurant in Whole Foods Shopping Center Has Closed

Wuji at 68 East Putnam Avenue, in the shopping center that includes Whole Foods, closed abruptly on Monday.

The restaurant’s website has a notice that reads:

“Thank you to all of our healthy fresh Chinese food fans out  there who found WUJI to be a great way to enjoy a modern clean version of our favorite comfort food.

We have elected to close and retool the brand in our quest for the ultimate Chinese food experience. Please stay tuned for updates on when we will reappear.

Ho Ho May!”

The Chinese restaurant boasted an innovative concept that took raw materials found in Chinatown to create a menu of authentic recipes with offerings of everything from small plates and entrées, to rice and noodle dishes. “… core ingredients utilize organic chicken, pasture raised pork, grass fed beef, wild caught fish, cage-free chicken eggs, and organic vegetables. There’s no MSG hangover here, as only pure and natural ingredients are used.”

The restaurant space is posted  for rent through Bill Mason Greenwich Commercial Property. Wuji in Scarsdale, NY is permanently closed as well, and according to YELP, the Rye location has closed.

A phone call to Wuji on Tuesday reached a recording with the restaurant’s hours. A look through the windows revealed tables still set for guests.

Most of the links on the restaurant’s website are dead.

Wuji restaurant has closed in Greenwich.

Wuji restaurant has closed in Greenwich.



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