P&Z Watch: Proposed New Dog Daycare Business on East Putnam Ave is Well Received

On Tuesday a pre application from PAWS of Greenwich, represented by attorney Chip Haslun, proposed a dog grooming, training, day care and boarding facility for dogs, as well as the sale of related pet products, at 1340 East Putnam Ave was presented to the Greenwich P&Z commission.

Haslun said the businesses was in the LB zone which permitted all these uses.

Future home of PAWS of Greenwich at 1340 East Putnam Ave.

The hours are 7:00am-7:00pm, seven days a week, Monday through Sunday. The dry cleaner next door opens at 8, for a one hour overlap, though the dry cleaner’s business is spread throughout the day.

After the initial drop off at PAWS, a customer will have a fob for their dog containing all his or her information. From that point, drop off will just take a minute or two.

They will also offer a valet service for dogs to picked up at their homes.

He said the space is expansive despite appearances from outside.

There will be a max of 40 dogs and there will be a ratio of one employee for every 10 dogs.

“When you submit you should do a count for the parking to show you can manage those overlap periods when you have your heavy drop off time and drop off from the dry cleaners,” said Margarita Alban, commission chair.

The proposal includes UV Sanitation, HVAC enhanced, which are state of the art.

“As for waste management, dogs will eliminate indoors, with waste put in sealed containers and picked up by a commercial waste dealer and will follow all state procedures,” Haslun said.

“It looks like you’ve done all the homework,” Alban said. “Just show us the parking use when you come back to show us the spaces you would be using and the spaces the dry cleaner will use, and show us that it will work.”

The applicant, Jessica DelGuercio said the landlord had installed a handicapped bathroom and the two spaces that comprise the site are now connected.

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