Western Middle School 8th Grader: Dr. Frances “Indisputably has it all”

western middle schoolLetter to the editor submitted from Lucas Gazianis, Grade Eight, Western Middle School

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Board of Education candidate Dr. Gaetane Francis. Those who run for Board of Education must have proper qualifications and experience, and believe me, she indisputably has it all. She obtained bachelor degrees in Biology and Electrical Engineering from MIT and an MD from Yale Medical School. In addition to her impressive academic accomplishments, she has demonstrated a never-ending commitment to the Greenwich Public Schools system. I have firsthand knowledge of her numerous activities with the schools because I regularly interact with her sons, one of whom, Toby Hirsch, is in my grade at Western, the other of whom, Calvin Hirsch, in tenth grade at GHS.

Dr. Francis has had a profound effect on Greenwich’s schools, and not just Glenville Elementary and Western Middle, which I attended with her sons. She has served as a co-chairperson for the town wide Advanced Learning Program and has actively volunteered in classrooms and the PTA for many, many years. She works collaboratively with students, teachers, families and administrators, whether it be curriculum-related projects or hands-on projects. Through all of this she maintains so much energy and enthusiasm–two very admirable tendencies to have while balancing career and family responsibilities with volunteering.

Though her passion regards enhancing the school curriculum and the development of independent learning, she has the intelligence and commitment needed to get the job done regardless of the issue at hand or the obstacles she faces.

I urge everybody to talk with her about their thoughts on improving our schools or on changes they’d like to see happen; she’s a good listener and, as a doctor, is experienced in serving and talking to all kinds of people. You’ll be able to have a good conversation with her, in which she will talk about her ideas and plans.

To learn more about Dr. Francis, visit FrancisForBOE.com or contact her at [email protected] Don’t forget to vote for her on Tuesday, November 3rd. I can assure you that she is the most qualified, exceptional and dedicated candidate who exists in the field. And as if all her skills and talents aren’t enough, I can tell you that her French toast, like her capabilities, is incredible.

-Lucas Gazianis, Grade Eight
Western Middle School