Stone McGuigan: Celebrate motherhood by choice

Submitted by Janet Stone McGuigan

Today is Mother’s Day.  I was born on a Mother’s Day, and while I don’t think hard labor is the ideal way to spend this day, my mother made it clear to me that it was one of the happiest days of her life.  I am grateful to her for giving me life, and for making me feel so loved. 

Likewise, my children are the most amazing beings I helped create, and my most precious treasures.    But I can only think the celebration of Mother’s Day rings hollow if motherhood is not by choice.

This year, with the possibility of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, I will observe the day by speaking out for a woman’s right to choose whether and when to become a mother. 

Almost fifty years ago, this legal decision was a victory for the right to privacy and the protection of women’s health, providing an option no one wishes on anyone, but should be available to any woman who wants it.   

With the very concerning efforts in some states to restrict a woman’s personal liberty and access to health care, what is most at stake today is equity. 

At a recent luncheon hosted by Planned Parenthood of Southern New England, the keynote speaker observed that unlike half a century ago there are safe options available – but not to every woman. 

It is not enough to secure our own right to choose, we need to do this for our daughters, sisters, friends and neighbors. 

With this public statement reaffirming my support of Roe v. Wade and equal access for all women, I say happy Mother’s Day.