Students Learn about Turtles, Bees with Riverside Garden Club in Binney Park

The Riverside Garden Club, working with the PTA from both North Mianus and Riverside Schools, ran a very successful field trip to Binney Park on Thursday, April 28 and Friday, April 29.

Busloads of 175 fifth grade students started their adventure at 9:30 am with a scavenger hunt through Binney.

Each student was provided with a sheet showing a photo of the 28 different types of plants, bushes, trees and animals that live in the park. The students were then tasked with finding each of the flora/fauna throughout their walk.

The students then participated in a hike through Binney Woods led by Greenwich’s Tree Warden, Dr. Greg Kramer.

The kids also spent time with Tim Walsh, a turtle specialist from the Bruce Museum, who spoke about the turtle species that live in Binney Pond.

And last, Joel Dawson, a beekeeper, spoke about the role of the bees in nature and demonstrated some much needed bee keeping equipment.

“The RGC’s purpose behind the field trip is to give the students a greater appreciation for conservation and the natural beauty that surrounds us every day here in Greenwich,” said Patty Roberts, the organizer of the event. “This is the second year that the RGC has run this event and we hope to keep it going in the future.”