SLATER: Lopez knows the issues faced by the 150th district

Submitted by Victoria Slater, Greenwich

The Connecticut House of Representatives has been controlled by the Democrats for the past 12 years. We now have an opportunity to increase our Republican members in the House of Representatives and restore more balance to the Legislature by electing Ed Lopez to the 150th District in Greenwich.

Ed has been serving our town on the Representative Town Meeting and he has been serving our State and our Nation as a member of the National Guard. Ed knows Greenwich and knows the issues faced by the 150th district. 

He will represent us well when elected. The Democrat majority in Hartford has tried to introduce many bills that would negatively affect Greenwich: State control of zoning, increased high-rise housing under the State’s 8-30g provision, a State-level property tax (on top of the local property tax), etc.

Fortunately, none of these proposals have passed, but if Democrat control of the State Legislature increases, we can expect even more extreme bills in the next session. This cannot continue! 

Protect Greenwich and the 150th district from this liberal takeover by the Democrats in CT  by voting for Ed Lopez on November 8th.