ROTHMAN: I’m a Democrat supporting Republican Ed Lopez

Submitted by Adam Rothman, Co-Chairman, Lopez for Greenwich; Chairman, Democrats for Lopez; Chairman District 3 RTM

As Election Day approaches, many of us make an effort to become better acquainted with nominees. On occasion, someone we know well becomes a candidate and we have a unique opportunity to judge the experience, skills, and character that person would bring to this role. I’m a Democrat supporting Republican Ed Lopez in his campaign to represent our 150th district in Hartford: I’ve gotten to know Ed very well over the last few years and believe his approach to service transcends the partisanship that is holding our discourse and problem-solving back.

I’ve known Ed since 2017, when he first approached our RTM district with an interest in serving. From the beginning, he’s put a strong focus on constituents: knocking doors and consistently reaching out to voters – even when our seats aren’t contested. Ed avails himself to resolve even the most minute problems: from parking issues to piercing the bureaucratic obstacles small businesses have to grapple with.

I believe his dedication, commitment to Greenwich, and his interest in understanding both sides of any question will help provide us with a strong, independent voice that will break the “rinse and repeat” approach to governing, keeping the state from moving forward on many fronts. Ed will help usher new ideas and will pay thorough attention to our concerns when he joins our general assembly.

Ed and I may not always agree on everything: but I can attest to his sincere interest in finding common ground with even those he may disagree with most fiercely.

My sojourn as a member of the Democratic Party has been focused on pragmatism and reason. I’ve also tackled sensitive issues such as barriers to a woman’s right to choose with profound care. In this election, I am supporting Ed precisely because he is so far removed from the hyper-partisanship that has characterized our national discourse lately but which is also beginning to distort our priorities at the state and local level.

I ask you to join me in voting for Ed on Tuesday, November 8th.