Saleeby: Thank you to the 7,309 residents who voted for me.

Letter from Molly Saleeby, Democratic candidate for Town Clerk on Nov 5, 2019

Thank You, Voters!

Over these last months while campaigning for Town Clerk I was reminded of the vastness and diverseness of this treasured town of Greenwich we all call home. We are indeed a special town full of special people. And now, with the municipal election behind us, I want to publicly thank the 7,309 residents who voted for me.

My heartfelt thanks for your support!

Running for Town Clerk was a most fulfilling experience because I met so many of you along the way. Whether from knocking on your door or out at an event, it was my honor and privilege and I’m grateful you took the time to speak with me. I hope you continue to dialog with our elected officials and the Town because your voice matters.

For now, I will continue my work on the RTM in District 8 and the Budget Overview
Committee. I hope to see you around.

Thanks again. And please pass along my sincere appreciation to anyone you know who may not see this.

Molly Saleeby