Peter Alexander: 50 Years Beg 50 Questions for Selectmen Candidates

proposed Greenwich Town Plan

1. Are our schools better?

2. Is there less traffic?

3. Can we swim in streams and rivers?

4. Is air pollution better?

5. How many Town employees then? Now?

6. Has population grown?

7. Has the mill rate gone down?

8. Is there less flooding?

9. How many historic buildings have been lost?

10. Cost of basic building permit, then? Now?

11. Are there more wetlands?

12. How many road swales were there in Town in 1963?

13. Now?

14. Robberies then?

15. Now?

16. How many boat slips were at Grass Island?

17. Now?

18. How large was the Grass Island Salt Marsh that the Town filled in?

19. Who bungled the Greenwich Water Company lands purchase?

20. Should they be fired?

21. Can they be fired?

22. How many children attended camp on Calf Island?

23. How many attend camp there now?

24. Which decade will the Historic Restoration of the YMCA be finished? (It has already taken 10 years.)

25. Will the High School new basement cost only 50 million?

26. Why can’t people play soccer on the old High School Soccer Field on Greenwich Avenue?

27. How much air pollution is caused each day by making Greenwich Avenue one way?

28. Why is Greenwich Avenue one way?

29. Is the lease to Greenwich Plaza legal?

30. If landowners are taxed based on development potential of Residential excess lands why aren’t Commercial properties?

31. What would the tax income be on 24,000 square feet of Commercial if 12 2000 square foot Luxury Condos were there instead?

32. Why was the Sewer Plant tripled in size rather than fixing the pipes?

33. How much does it cost the Town to beg for State & Federal “Grants”?

34. Are Town white collar employees allowed to receive money from other sources related to their specialty?

35. How many Agency and Commission members have income derived from work dependent on the activities they oversee?

36. What is Conflict of Interest?

37. Do you know what a Harbor of Refuge is?

38. Do you think dredge yield can be a large scale Town Asset?

39. What is a Town Asset?

40. Would you consider outsourcing all Parks & Rec. design/management?

41. Why do we outsource all DPW “design engineering “?

42. Would you think enlargement and embellishment of Islands would protect the shoreline?

43. How strong an influence does organized crime have on our Town?

44. How strong an influence does organized crime have on our neighbors on Long Island Sound?

45. What was the cost per resident for Town responsibilities in 1963?

46. What was the cost per resident for Town responsibilities in 2013?

47. Are you comfortable with the direction of the results above?

48. What would you do to assist or reverse the direction?

49. Are you proud of your Town?

50. Has anyone thanked you lately?

50 years ago we elected, backed up and proceeded with a future for the Town based on the ugly Regional Plan Association protocols. The chance to turn this disaster around will help many in our State and Region. Unfortunately, many other communities used Greenwich as a model to follow. We were enviable form 1743 to 1963 as a model Town close to a major city.

We should return to that model. It will honor those who created it and those who lived it.

Peter F. Alexander
Landscape Architect Planner
[email protected]