Moretti Bodson: Floren is the epitome of what government should be

Letter to the editor from Sue Moretti Bodson

There has been no truer friend or advocate for the 149th District than Livvy Floren.

I have personally called upon Livvy’s assistance and valuable guidance on a variety of matters: the re-building of the Greenwich Pool in Byram Park or Glenville School, the excessive taxation of our residents or the variety of other issues impacting Glenville and Pemberwick.

I know when I call upon her she will leave no stone unturned, she will work tirelessly and she will do whatever it takes to support us.  In fact, if you looked up “helpful” and “responsive” in the dictionary, there should be a picture of Livvy Floren as an entry.

It isn’t simply what Livvy does, says or stands for; it is how she does it.  Livvy is the epitome of what government should be.  She treats everyone with respect.  She seeks solutions. She fights for what she believes is right but isn’t dogmatic or acrimonious.  She pulls people together to find the best solution possible and flies under the radar so you don’t even realize that Livvy magic is being spread around.  She doesn’t pit one group versus another; she seeks to unite.

She represents us in Hartford and doesn’t see Independents, Democrats or Republicans; she sees residents of Connecticut, she sees friends, she sees colleagues who are all trying to make our daily lives, and our future lives, better. And then she gets to work and she works tirelessly, she works effectively and she works in a manner that makes us proud and respectful of government.

I have often said, when I grow up, I would like to be just like Livvy Floren. I am so proud to call her my mentor and vote for her on November 6.

Sue Moretti Bodson