Malkin: Floren supports worthy non-profits and the environment, and watches over State expenditures and bonding

Letter to the editor received Sept 5, 2018 from Peter Malkin

I write to support enthusiastically the candidacy of Livvy Floren for re-election as State Representative. We, her constituents, are most fortunate that she has agreed to serve another term, a real sacrifice by a dedicated public servant who derives no personal benefit from representing us.

Livvy leads State support for worthy non-profit organizations and the environment and watches carefully over State expenditures and bonding.

She is also personally a wise counselor to and active participant in several such local organizations.

While I do believe that there need to be tolls on commercial vehicles on the highways of Connecticut legally restricted to restoring the State’s infrastructure, Livvy’s over-all record is outstanding and appreciated by members of both parties in the State Legislature.

Thank you for joining me in voting for the reelection of Livvy Floren.

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